International Journal of Academic Research in Public Policy and Governance


Volume 4, Issue 1 (2017)


This study evaluates the Freedom of Information Act on Journalism practice in Nigeria. A study of Journalists in Jalingo metropolis. The study employed the quantitative survey design. The population was made up of Journalists in Jalingo Metropolis which are about 293. The researcher employed Taro Yame’s formula to sample out 75 Journalists which formed the sample frame. Questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection. Data gathered were analyzed with SPSS version 22 and results were presented descriptively. Findings revealed that Journalists in Jalingo metropolis are fully aware of the Freedom of Information Act. The study also revealed that although FoIA can aid journalism practices towards fair, balance, accurate and objective reporting, it has not created access to government-held information for journalists in Taraba State. The study recommends that journalists should go beyond just being aware of the passage into law of the FoIA, but to be well acquainted with relevant provisions of the Act.


Freedom of Information Act, Journalism, Jalingo, Taraba State, Government.

Full Text :PDF DOI: 10.6007/ijarppg/v4-i1/2437
Wages of Labour Discrimination: Case Study on Nike Company Indonesia
Author(s): Saifulbakri Yusoof, Faiezi Zuber, Hazrin MNSR, Nadhir Zamziba, Saazmi Toriry      Pages: [19-27]

Benham define wage brings the meaning of an amount of payments from an employer to an employee (labor under contract to perform service). In 2011, Nike has operated in Indonesia was criticized by several NGO’s because of low wages for the employee which is 2.50$ a day where the product itself is handmade and expensive. Nike Incorporation is a company that produces sports goods such as shoes, trousers, clothes and so on, where had been operating since the year 1976. Fiscal in 2015, has a manufacture in Vietnam, China, and Indonesia respectively produced 43%, 32% and 20% shoes branded by Nike. This paper made is intended to see how far Nike, Inc. violated business ethics in the wages of labor rate context which occurred in Indonesia. This also can become a reference to any parties to identify the causes of unethical business activity in the world.


Wage, Labour, Nike, Ethic, Discrimination, Conceptual paper

Full Text :PDF DOI: 10.6007/ijarppg/v4-i1/2546

This study examines how the Bwatiye traditional communication is used in enhancing participatory democracy among the Bwatiye rural folks. The study used Participatory Communication and Democratic-Participant theory. The research used survey method and employed in-depth interview and observational approaches to gather data. The population of the study is the Bwatiye people of Numan and Lamurde Local Government Areas of Adamawa state. Random and stratified sampling techniques were employed to select the sample size. Ten (10) people (5 each) were selected and interviewed. Descriptive analysis was adopted to analyze data. The findings shows that the Bwatiye traditional communication is an effective, reliable, credible and effective means for communicating with the Bwatiye people about political issues and participation. The study recommends that town crier system should be improved by adopting the modern means like the public address system where local language and songs should be used to attract the attention of the people in order to relay the information to them. The Bwatiye traditional communication should be incorporated into the modern media like Facebook and twitter where people can access post and discuss issues affecting them. The Facebook and twitter should display some nonverbal means of communication like symbols, signs and objectifies to convey specific messages.


Traditional communication; Bwatiye rural folk; participatory democracy; Numan and Lamurde; Adamawa state.

Full Text :PDF DOI: 10.6007/ijarppg/v4-i1/2569