International Journal of Academic Research in Psychology

Effectiveness of Training Sensory Stimulation on Gross Motor Skills of 5-7 Years Old Children with Down Syndrome

Author(s): Kamal Parhoon, Hadi Parhoon, Guita Movallali


Background: Down syndrome is the most common congenital chromosomal disorders. This disorder is the most common genetically cause of mental retardation. This study examined the effectiveness of the training activities of sensory - motor (sensory stimulation) on gross motor skills in children 5 to 7 year-old with Down syndrome. In this study, participant consisted from children aged 5 to 7 years old who were members of Iranian Down syndrome society. The aim of investigation was the effectiveness of sensory – motor influence (sensory stimulation) on gross motor skills in children 5 to 7 year old with Down syndrome.
Materials and Methods: The present study had an experimental design and a pre test, post test plan with control group were used. For this purpose 24 children (aged 5-7 years old) were choose randomly from the Down Syndrome Association. Subjects were divided in two groups (experimental and control each 12 children) randomly. Treatment sessions were 16 with duration of 35 minutes Under the influence of sensory stimulation therapy (activities of sensory - motor).The control group didn’t receive any intervention The research instrument was used in this study was Lincoln Oseretsky motor development Scale. The collected data were analyzed by covariance.
Results: Results showed that there was a significant relationship between the training of sensory stimulation and gross motor skill development in children with Down syndrome. (P<0. 001)
Conclusion: Sensory stimulation and early education of children with Down syndrome by motor abilities will make them self-efficacy and independent.


Sensory Stimulation, Gross Motor Skills, Down Syndrome.

Full Text: PDF DOI: 10.6007/IJARP/v1-i1/722     Pages: [18-27]