Volume 2, Special Issue (2012)



Volume 2, Special Issue 1 (2012) 


Table of Content

PDF   Pages [1-8]   

Considerations Regarding Improving Business Competiveness From An Entrepreneurial Perspective

Author(s): Manoela POPESCU, Lumini?a Cecilia CRENICEAN

Abstract  PDF   Pages [9-15]   

The Post Recession Consumer

Author(s): Adina MU?ETESCU, Constan?a Aurelia CHI?IBA

Abstract  PDF   Pages [16-25]  

The Influence of Organizational Culture over the Ethical Principles in International Businesses

Author(s): Cezar MILITARU, Adriana ZANFIR

Abstract  PDF   Pages [26-33]  

Rethinking the European Business Model

Author(s): Georgeta ILIE

Abstract  PDF   Pages [34-39]  

European Trends in Obtaining and Maintaining Food Quality

Author(s): Alexandru BURDA

Abstract  PDF   Pages [40-46]  

The Socio-Economic Impact of Urbanization

Author(s): M?d?lina DOCIU, Anca DUNARINTU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [47-52]

Investors Behaviour between Theory and Practice

Author(s): Oana MIONEL

Abstract  PDF   Pages [53-56]


Author(s): Valentina ZAHARIA, Gheorghe MARINESCU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [57-64]

New International Standards a Solution to Promote Green Innovation in SMEs

Author(s): Aura Emanuela DOMIL, Alin Emanuel ARTENE

Abstract  PDF   Pages [65-68]

Team Collaboration Essential Factor in Ensuring the Performance Organization

Author(s): Valentina ZAHARIA, Mirela DOGARU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [69-76]

Benefits of Working in a Team on the SMEs

Author(s): Cristina ?TEFAN, Mirela DOGARU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [77-83]

Odyssey of the European Funds Absorption Process in the Case of the Romanian Economy

Author(s): Cosmin STOICA

Abstract  PDF   Pages [84-88]

Risk Types in International Business Relations

Authors(s): Ana-Maria DINU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [89-95]

Euromanagement and European Business Environment

Author(s): Cezar MILITARU, Adina-Petru?a PAVEL

Abstract  PDF   Pages [96-102]  

The Sustainability Approach of Romanian Agriculture

Author(s): Cristina B?L?CEANU, Diana APOSTOL

Abstract  PDF   Pages [103-107]   

Effective Competences Management Using E-Learning Services

Author(s): Doina Maria TILEA, Daniela FEIER

Abstract  PDF   Pages [108-114] 

TQM Implementation for Effective Project Management

Author(s): Ion STANCIU, Bogd?nel DR?GU?, Oana Mihaela ORHEIAN

Abstract  PDF   Pages [115-119]  

The Importance of Quality in Higher Education in an Increasingly Knowledge-Driven Society

Author(s): Adina-Petru?a PAVEL

Abstract  PDF   Pages [120-127]  

The Technology in New Learning Environments

Author(s): Narcisa IS?IL?

Abstract  PDF   Pages [128-131]

The Role of Higher Education Institutions in Developing Science, Technology and Innovation in Romania

Author(s): Emilia GOGU, Ion PÂR?ACHI

Abstract  PDF   Pages [132-136]

A Measurability Problem in the Affine Plane

Author(s): G. CARISTI, Marius STOKA

Abstract  PDF   Pages [137-140]

Freedom of Establishment of Companies in the European Union. Possible Effects of the Case VALE, C-378/10 Pending on the Case-Law of the Romanian Courts

Author(s): Mihai Daniel ?ANDRU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [141-147]

Post Civil War Labour Policy in Nigeria and its Impact on Industrial Relations: A Critical Appraisal

Author(s): Francis C. ANYIM, Cyril Oseloka IKEMEFUNA, Joy Onyinyechi EKWOABA

Abstract  PDF   Pages [148-161]

Fundamental Human Right to a Healthy and Ecologically Balanced Environment in the Light of ECHR Decisions

Author(s): Drago? Marian R?DULESCU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [162-166]

Methods of Alleviation the Poverty through Sustainable Tourism

Author(s): Andreea B?LT?RE?U

Abstract  PDF   Pages [167-177]

History, Tradition and Continuity in Tourism Development in the European Area

Author(s): Anca-Adriana CRISTEA

Abstract  PDF   Pages [178-186]

Ecological Dimension of Tire Management. Environmental Impact of tire use

Author(s): Constantin CONSTANTINESCU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [187-195]

Rural Tourism for Local Economic Development

Author(s): Irina-Virginia DR?GUL?NESCU, Maricica DRU?U (IVAN)

Abstract  PDF   Pages [196-203]

Hotel Lighting Systems in the Context of Global Energy Crisis - An Approach in Perspective of Sustainable Development

Author(s): Mihaela-Simona APOSTOL

Abstract  PDF   Pages [204-210]

The Role of Romanian Communities in the Diaspora to Promote Romanian International Tourism

Author(s): Nicolae NEAC?U, Monica NEAC?U

Abstract  PDF   Pages [211-215]

Danube River – A Central axis of the European Union

Author(s): Petronela-Sonia NEDEA, Oana-Maria MILEA, Emilia PASCU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [216-223]

The Role of Geothermal Energy in the Cooling and Heating Systems

Author(s): Grazia CALABRÒ, Alessandro FAZIO

Abstract  PDF   Pages [224-232]

The Impact of the European Funds in Romania. The Examination of the Problems and Solutions

Author(s): Monica Gabriela GHERMAN

Abstract  PDF   Pages [233-237]

Geopolitical and Geostrategic dimensions within the Black Sea Basin

Author(s): Anda Nicoleta ONE?IU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [238-242]

Is Globalization a Necessary Evil? Side Effects of the Globalization

Author(s): Claudia Diana POPA

Abstract  PDF   Pages [243-250]

The Evasion-Motivation, Reaction and Economic Reasons

Author(s): Gabriel GOICEA, Roxana IONESCU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [251-258]

Scarcity Natural Resources and the History of their Exploitation

Author(s): Cristian SIMA, Gheorghe MARINESCU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [259-266]

The Romanian Community in Bulgaria

Author(s): Anda Nicoleta ONE?IU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [267-273]

Hedge Transactions on the Stock Exchange

Author(s): Roxana IONESCU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [274-281]

Olive-Growing in Italy: Economic and Multifunctional Aspects

Author(s): Maurizio LANFRANCHI, Carlo GIANNETTO

Abstract  PDF   Pages [282-292]

Role of Entropy in Sustainable Economic Growth

Author(s): Angelina DE PASCALE

Abstract  PDF   Pages [293-301]

Representations of War in the Writings of Ernest Hemingway

Author(s): Argentina VELEA

Abstract  PDF   Pages [302-316]

Implications and Role of the European Union in the Black Sea Region

Author(s): Anca DUNARINTU, Andreea-Monica PREDONU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [317-320]

Psychology of Communication – Between Myth and Reality

Author(s): Manoela POPESCU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [321-325]

Twelve Years on from the Adoption of the Emu: An Ex-Post Assessment on the Process of Convergence of Southern and Central-Northern Italy

Author(s): Ferdinando OFRIA

Abstract  PDF   Pages [326-339]

Air Cargo Security

Author(s): Constantin GEORGESCU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [340-346]

Nutrigenomics – Impact on Health

Author(s): Emilia PASCU, Oana-Maria MILEA, Petronela-Sonia NEDEA

Abstract  PDF   Pages [347-354]

Tax Evasion, Factor of Business Competitiveness Regression. Management of Legal Activity Against Tax Evasion Forms

Author(s): George Lucian COSTINIU

Abstract  PDF   Pages [355-362]