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About Int. Journal of Academic Research in Economics and Management Sciences

 The IJ-AREMS (ISSN: 2226-3624) is an interdisciplinary open access blind peer-reviewed refereed journal published by Human Resource Management Academic Research Society (HRMARS) that publishes significant original researches regarding different fields of Economics and Management Sciences (Human development- Economic development, Economic policy, Marketing and Management research, Institutionalismand Public Policy). IJ-AREMS publishes four issues per year. By providing easy access to the insights of economics & management sciences, case studies and researches, IJAREMS aims to extend and supplement the knowledge of scholarly world.


Economic Indicators
Economic policy
Human development Index
Sustainability and Economic development
Social Economic
Public Policy
New Economic Paradigm
History of Economics


Management Sciences Research

Human Resource Managemnet
Business Administration
Managerial Strategy
Marketing Research
Marketing Policies
Stratgeic Management
Strategic Human Resource Management
Human Resource Development
Organizational Behaviour
Organizational Development
Change Management
Total Quality Management

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