International Journal of Academic Research in Progressive Education and Development


Volume 6, Issue 2 (April, 2017)


In Sabah, it was reported that the prevalence rate 5.5% of the primary school students in Sabah suffered from Dyscalculia using the computer-based Dyscalculia screener by measuring pupils’ response accuracy and response time to test items. (Wong, 2014). This research probes into the awareness of Dyscalculia among educators in Sandakan district, Sabah. An online Dyscalculia questionnaire is employed in this study to collect the relevant data which will be analysed by using the descriptive statistics. The purpose of this paper is to report the results of awareness for Dyscalculia which involved 80 educators from different primary schools in Sandakan, Sabah. The results show that 57.5% of the respondents in Sandakan do not know Dyscalculia.


Dyscalculia, Awareness, Primary, Pupils, Educators

Full Text :PDF DOI: 10.6007/IJARPED/v6-i2/2891