Member’s Benefit

  1. HRMARS provides an opportunity to its members to     publish their researches/articles/presentation from HRMARS platform which     would be free of cost. Your e-publication would be searchable through     Google and other search engines. The more you will write, more you would     be recognized on internet web. (Please note this free offer is only for     e-publications not for Journal publications)
  2. HRMARS’s members would be invited to propose their own     directory of their interested field (like other Directories of HRMARS). On     the approval of editorial board, the member who would have proposed the     directory would be given the post of managing-director (of proposed     directory) who will administer the respective directory’s e-publications     throughout the year. 
  3. HRMARS provides an opportunity for executive members of     associations to meet with their peers and exchange ideas and suggestions     that they can use to improve the functioning of their own. 
  4. HRMARS members would be invited to be the member of our     review board depending upon their interest of field (Lifetime Members     Only). 
  5. HRMARS’s Council meetings and conferences     provide an opportunity to develop contacts, exchange ideas, and learn from     the experiences of other international/national members and     associations.